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In this section of professional barbecues you can find the widest range of professional barbecues for hotels and restaurants and kitchen enthusiasts. The most recognized brands in professional barbecues for hospitality, you can also buy it in Aliumpro, Spanish distributor with fast shipments.
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  • SAMMIC 9772700 Grill 2/3 (354x325)
    SAMMIC 9772700 Grill 2/3 (354x325)

    Grill 2/3 (354x325)

    17,25 €
    17,25 € IVA incl.
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  • SAMMIC 9770700 Grills
    SAMMIC 9770700 Grills

    Grill 2/1 (530x650)

    42,00 €
    42,00 € IVA incl.
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  • SAMMIC 9771700 Grill 1/1 (530x325)
    SAMMIC 9771700 Grill 1/1 (530x325)

    Grill 1/1 (530x325)

    19,50 €
    19,50 € IVA incl.
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Where to buy professional barbecues for hospitality?

Acquire from your home the best products in professional barbecues , from the hand of the best brands in hospitality, which give us great quality at a good price. Thanks to our online store you can buy whether you are from Madrid, Cordoba, Fuengirola or Huelva.


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