Payment methods

In Aliumpro you can pay:

With PayPal

By credit or debit card

By bank transfer.

You will see it in the shopping cart, you can select the option you prefer. Simply keep in mind that, in case of return, this will be done through the same route and to the same account from which you made the payment.

If you pay for PayPal you are subject to the conditions of PayPal, you already know that this platform offers security options, both for you and for us at the time of payment. Once PayPal confirms the payment of your order, in 24 business hours at most we will confirm it and start managing the shipment (see the shipping conditions if you have doubts with this). Generally, as soon as you make the payment arrangements for PayPal we have payment confirmation. But that's not always the case. Since in PayPal they can withhold the payment based on certain criteria set by them. Take a look at these conditions, they are very well explained on their website:

If you have decided to pay by card, we will receive payment immediately. We will confirm your order within a maximum of 24 working hours and from that moment we will begin to manage your order in accordance with the conditions of sale, shipping, ect...

The payment by bank transfer option is very simple, but before we start managing your order, we will check that we have received the payment. We will send you an email as soon as we have it confirmed, and from there, everything will be managed with the normal procedure. That is, the management deadlines of your order will depend on when the payment is confirmed. It will not take more than 24 business hours for us to make the payment confirmation since you have sent the money.

For any questions, we are at your disposal at 617 308 271 or in the mail

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