How to buy

Our purchase process is very simple, you just have to choose which items you like, add them to the cart and fill in the data to be able to send you the order.

You can modify, add and delete as many items as you want during the purchase process, but once finished, to change something you will have to call us ! Do it as soon as possible, the deadlines will be very important, there are things that we will not be able to do as the order is managed....)

Whatever incident you have, we will try to solve it. But it will be better for everyone to avoid confusion. That is why we ask you to be careful when making the purchase. In the last step, we give you all the information of what you are buying: item, quantity, price, VAT, discounts, postage, availability deadlines ...

You will see that for some products, you will not be able to choose quantities, since they are sold "in packs". That is, there are things that you can only buy 3 by 3... and 3 at least, it is not that the web does not work, it is part of the sales feature of that product.

For any questions that may arise, we are at your disposal at 617 308 271 or in the mail

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